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Color Consultation Process 


Schedule your in person or virtual consultation with plenty of time before your paint project begins. If your needing a rapid consult we can do that too! 


Meet & greet of course! We'll conduct a home tour or video call to get familiar with your expectations and hear about the vision you have for your space. We'll choose which features will change and what will stay in order to tie the color design all together. 


Taking all of  your homes features into consideration, I will thoughtfully create your customized color palette. You will receive your new color scheme via email within 48 hours. Renders or Mockups are available for an additional fee if your having a bit of trouble visualizing your color palette  & that's totally okay !!


Once you love your custom color palette we will discuss paint finishes and I will then generate a color map detailing the placement of a specific color for yourself and your painting contractor. Then get ready for Paint!! 

Book an Appointment

Let's take the guesswork out of the way! 

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