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Passionate Home Stylist & Architectural Color Designer (CACC,CACD)

Hello there! I'm Karina! I'm an architectural color designer with a passion for transforming spaces into vibrant, harmonious environments. With a background in both Interior Design and hands-on training from Master Color Designer Teresa Tullio, I've cultivated a unique skill set that allows me to breathe life into buildings through the power of color.


As a color designer, my mission is to work closely with architects, builders, and homeowners to select the perfect architectural color palettes for their projects. I understand that each space has its own personality, and I take pride in crafting color schemes that resonate with the architecture, function, and purpose of the environment.


My expertise extends beyond color selection; I also consider lighting, materials, and spatial layout to ensure a cohesive and delightful result. From timeless, sophisticated palettes to bold, innovative choices, I'm here to guide you in making color decisions that tell a story and leave a lasting impression!

KT Architectual Color & Design


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